Goodbye Sweet Cleo

Yesterday was a very sad day for me; We had to say goodbye to Cleo our oldest cat.  I thought she had a UTI so got Stewart to take her to the vet, but unfortunately it was  more serious than that.  She'd lost a lot of weight since they'd seen her a couple of months ago, and was in more pain.  So we decided it was time to let her go and be at peace.

Cleo joined my family in October 1998,  I'd moved into my own flat earlier in the year and needed a companion.  As I worked full-time then, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get a Cat, I'd wanted one for years, and finally the time was right.  My parents and I went to our local pet shelter, as I wanted a Cat who needed a home, and a second chance.  Whilst Mum and I was looking at a cute little noisy cat, my Dad pointed out Cleo, who was then called Smokey, sitting very quietly in her cage.  As soon as I saw her, I knew she was the one.

Cleo loved to play, especially if it was Pink or Red and Furry.  She's killed a few poor pink mice over the years, and she loved her orange goldfish on a string.

Cleo was a very special cat, she brought so much love to my life, at a time when i felt very alone, she was always there, and would cuddle with me for hours.  If she was cold i'd put her into my cardigan, zip it up and she'd fall asleep on my chest purring away, so happy.  At night she would sleep on my hip, keeping a watch over me as I slept, and giving me great comfort.

She was a cheeky wee soul too, bringing  me toy mice at 3am whilst i tried to sleep; I'd throw the mouse into the hall, and she'd bring it back a couple of minutes later.  She loved to see what I was eating, her favourites being anything cheesy and chicken.

I am so blessed to have had Cleo in my life for the last 15 years, she was a very shy, and mistreated wee cat when i first got her, and she bloomed into a beautiful loving companion.

My heart is sad, cos she'd gone, but I'm happy in the knowledge I gave her a good home, and she's not in  pain anymore.  I'm sure she's up in heaven, playing with Bagpuss and tormenting some poor wee birdies.

Bye for now


Penny said…
So sorry for your loss, Suzi. I know exactly how hard it is to help them to the other side. I wish you peace and a lessening of your grief.
Sending big hugs, Penny
Lea said…
Aw, Suzi, I'm so sorry you've lost a member of your family. They are more than cats, they are furry little children that love us unconditionally but without talking back! I'm sure she's having a grand time with Bagpuss as she watches over her loved ones still here. She'll be waiting for you someday and ready to be zipped up in your cardigan for a nice snuggle once again. Hugs and love being sent your way and to Stewart, too!

Love you both!