Freebie Saturday with Rick St. Dennis MFA

It's the first of June, and the first Saturday of the month, so it's time for some fabulous freebies from Rick St. Dennis MFA.

Firstly let me introduce you to Desdemona, isn't she beautiful;
You can find her over at the Sparkle and Glitter with Rick EDT Blog along with details of our freebie challenge for the month.

And now let me introduce Skull Man;
Isn't he Manic!!  Not sure whose chasing him, but he sure does seem in a hurry.  You'll find him on the Airless Chambers Blog along with details of freebie monthly challenge.

Just a short post from me this morning, but i'll be back later today with another Rick St. Dennis MFA sponsored Desert Island Crafters Challenge to share with you, so pop back later, once you've got your freebies and checked out the beautiful creations from the rest of the EDT.

Bye for now


Julia said…
Beautiful creation and coloring of the images.
monique said…
The skully man card is so funny
And desdemona's card is very pretty
Miranda said…
both are fabulous, skullman is indeed very funny