Goodbye Granddad Ted

Today has been a sad day for me, as it's my Granddad's Funeral, and unfortunately I wasn't able to attend.  But I have been thinking about him a lot and wanted to share with you all some pictures of this wonderful man, and the card i created for my Nanny.

 This was taken in my Granddad's garden in Sutton, Surrey circa 1981/82, (back row Granddad Ted, Nicola, Nanny Joyce, Nanny Audrey front row Eddie and Me)
This was taken in my Granddad's garden in Bournemouth circa 1999/2000, (Dad, Nanny Audrey, Me, Granddad Ted and Eddie), this was the last time i got to visit with Granddad, I so wish we'd lived closer together.

 I used the Weeping Angel image by Teri @ Delicious Doodle for my card for Nanny Audrey, such a beautiful image, and colouring it was a cathartic experience for me, giving me time to focus on some of my memories of Granddad Ted, and remember what a truly lovely man he was, so kind and gentle with a wicked sense of humour.

Thank you for visiting with me today
Bye for now


Dawn said…
Awww, I'm so sorry.
Marilyn said…
I am sorry to hear of your loss Suzi, so sad. Your card is a wonderful tribute to him though - that image truly depicts incredible loss and sadness. Your Nan will appreciate this so much.