Day 3 of the 13 Days of Creepmas

Welcome back to Day 3 of the Rick St. Dennis 13 Days of Creepmas Blog Hop, Are you having fun?  I hope so, I know I am!!
So onto today's project;
Our scene is really starting to take shape now, and today we've been joined by non other than the FROSTINATOR!! Oh my is he one scary looking Snowman/Robot!!

I'm not too keen on the look of his parrot either, very funny looking parrot to me!!
It's all starting to get might scary, I wonder if we'll find a Hero to save us?  Who would be the perfect Creepmas Hero? Guess we'll have to wait and see!!

That's all for now, remember the Blog Hop Lists are on the sidebar to the left, and there are lots of creepy creations for you to savour.

Bye for now


DonnaMundinger said…
Oh yes, Frostinator is a definite must in your scene. Getting a real kick out of what everyone is calling the little friend he has on his shoulder. LOL Love it! xxD
Caroline said…
Hi Suzi,
Love it that you put the Frostinator in your scenery! What an amazing amount of work you put into it! Greetings, Caroline
Ellis said…
Great to see the Frostinator joining in, you made him really creepy! =)
Hugs, Elenor
silvergran said…
Oh scary!! Frostinator ahhh!
Loving this concept!!
So fun to see how cute background is turning to creepy one. Fun idea and i love it.
Hugs Nat
Miranda said…
wow love the idea of your scenery turning more creepy by the day, fab idea, awesome
Creepy Glowbugg said…
This is so fun to watch your Creepmas scene come to life! Fabulous work!
Sharon Sahl said…
Oh, dear! There's a hero in the wings? I hope it's Batman - he's pretty creepy for a super hero! Love the addition of the Frostinator - he fits right into to your nightmare Creepmas scene!
Hazel (Didos) said…
Oh this is brilliant today again, I think the parrot is needing some food, looks so skinny, Love Hazelxo
Jenn Borjeson said…
What an awesome scene, Suzi, great job! Cannot wait to see all the additions!!!!!!
Rick St. Dennis said…
Its a veritable fiesta of creepy snow people-I am loving it
monique said…
your scene is getting more creepy everyday.Love the frostinator, can't wait to see what you will add tomorrow
Penny said…
You have such a wonderful, creative imagination! I think Frostinator is super-creepy, especially that thing on this arm! LOL!
Hugs, Penny
Carla said… cool! I am loving all the arrivals to the scene...just fabulous!
Wendy said…
Those Rick St. Dennis stamps are what you are creating with them. Wonderful coloring and fussy cutting!
Eee! He IS scary! He's a great addition to the scene!
ike said…
Very clever and gorgeous colouring :-)
Steph said…

Your coloring is must amazing. I'm loving each and every addition to your Creepmas scene.
Suzi, Frostinator is looking amazing and what a fabulous scene you have unfolding for our delight.
~Lady B~ said…
The Frostinator looks perfectly at home in his cozy Creepmas town of crazies!