Day 12 of the 13 Days of Creepmas

It's Day 12 of the Rick St. Dennis 13 Days of Creepmas hop, apologise for being a little late with my post today, got a little tied up with some creepy monsters!!
 Talk about creepy today's addition to the scene is downright scary; Not sure i'd want to accept his gift, but then again would you be brave enough to refuse a gift from 'This is for you'
I wonder if the contents of that box are dead or alive, it's so very hard to tell!!  Maybe it's best we don't know lol!!

That's all for today, but make sure you come back tomorrow for the final addition to my Creepmas Scene, will we get a happy ending, or will it be truly frightful, who knows!!

Enjoy checking out the wonderful Creepmas Creations in all the ongoing Creepmas Blog Hops, full hop lists are in the sidebar to the left of this post.

Enjoy the rest of your day
Bye for now


Sharon Sahl said…
I thought I'd check back - glad you got toady's post up! Today's addition does seem extra threatening since he's trying to interact with some(body)but there have been several other hair raising projects today too. I hope you're managing to keep control of the whole scene you've set up. I'd hate for you to turn your back and have all of the monsters attack you!!!
Hazel (Didos) said…
Oh Hes scary, I wonder if the box is for Head Chef? It may be some dinner??? Cant wait to see tomorrows creation, Love Hazelxox
Caroline said…
Hi Suzi,
This is another great visitor to your Creepmas house!
And he even brought a present with him .....
I don't think I want to know what's in it! Greetings, Caroline
Sandra H said…
It would depend on how much you'd like the Fabulouse creations though!! xx
monique said…
no thanks leave the gift LOL

love this one too, he looks awesome
DonnaMundinger said…
Great addition to your fab scene, suzi! got a little worried about you but I see all is fine. xxD
Your scene has turned out beautiful! Love it!
Penny said…
It looks alive, and very, very scary. You can have the present, no really, go ahead, you open it. :^P
Hugs, Penny
~Lady B~ said…
Divine coloring on the little devil!