Jude & The Rockers First Steps Collection is here....

There are some brand new Jude & The Rockers in the Simplybstamps Store.  They are the First Steps Collection, for all those special landmarks toddlers reach that need celebrating.

Here is the Door Sign I created for my Craft Room using the very special Potty Time Suzi.  I have to say she has a very special place in my heart, because she's based on me, well to be more premise, me as a toddler.

We were chatting about Potty Training one evening, and I couldn't resist sharing this pic of me...
After Betty stopped laughing, she asked if she could use it as the inspiration for an image in the First Steps Collection; of course I said yes, who wouldn't.  I can't believe how cute she made me look.  If only I was that cute nowadays lol!!

Jude & the Rockers First Steps Collection along with the Betty Villians and a few other Limited Edition Digi Image are available until Friday this week.  Please buy as many as you can, not only will you get some awesome images to play with, but all the money is going toward's Christian's Operation Fund, they are pretty close to having enough for his Operation, but still need more before they can book him in.


Sandra H said…
Brilliant card and the lower picture!! xx
Rosie said…
omg this is adorable, great job on the image.

Jessica Griffin said…
Super cute hanger Suzi, you did a fabulous job coloring her!

Jessica Griffin