How about a beach sunset stroll?

That's what is on my card tonight, everyone likes to go for a walk along a beautiful beach as the sun is setting, and the waves are lapping on the shore; even Lola Addams!

It makes sense that Lola Addams would prefer the beach at sunset, not so many silly boys and girls around, so she has plenty of quiet time to herself to plot her next deadly scheme, cos you know one day she will succeed in getting rid of Pugsley!!

Sweet Dreams All
Bye for now


Corinne said…
OMG, this is Unbelievably AWESOME!!!
Just LOVE the look on her face!!
Can't wait to get this one too!
Rosie said…
Love the card
...just Barbara said…
Such a great use of your decorative paper and I love the layout! Great sentiment too - perfect for this image. :D