Just for Fun here's Dr Brittany

Welcome back, It's day two of our Jude and the Rockers - Just for Fun previews and you're going to love todays image.  Remember playing Doctors and Nurses as a child?  I know i do, I had a whole hospital of very sick dolls, even had a mental health ward for those extra special ones tehe!!

Today we are introducing Doctor Brittany, who is looking very professional in her Doctors coat with her stethoscope, and hopefully Teddy will be feeling much better soon.


Sandy said…
Very cute - love the colors and your card put a big smile on my face!!
Lelia Pierce said…
Okay, her hair is fab! Wonderful!

Jenn Borjeson said…
She is just precious.
Rosie said…
too cute

...just Barbara said…
She's so cute in purple and I love how you highlighted her hair with blue instead of white - perfect for black! Love the twine accent too and the flower buttons are a great addition. *Hugs