A New Burton in the House!!

Time for another sneak peek of a new Burton inspired image from the Burton Chibis 2 Collection available on Friday at Simply B Stamps.  I'm sure you remember Miss Betty Burton from the first collection, well Betty has created another new Burton character for us;

Introducing Miss Rio Burton...
Isn't she beautiful?  Just like the real Rio, and Miss Betty Burton is so like Betty I wanted to combine them both onto one card, showing just how beautiful both Mother and Daughter are.  I used bright colours for this card, because both Rio and Betty are bright, cheerful and wonderfully rich characters.

Not really much else i can say about my card, except that i love how it turned out, nearly as beautiful as my inspiration.

Bye for now


...just Barbara said…
Adorable! This is perfect to pair up the two and the saying says it all. :D Love how they are both looking at each other! One of my favorite cards this week! :D *Hugs