On the Seventh Day of Halloween..

My true love gave to me
Seven pumpkins glowing
Six goblins gobbling
Five scary spooks!
Four skeletons
Three black cats
Two trick or treaters
And an owl in a rotten oak tree

SO get those pumpkin stamps, embellishments, stickers, punches, and dies out and get them onto your projects to participate in today's 12 days of Halloween, 7 Pumpkins Glowing!  Remember one person will be chosen to be our next DT member for 2011!  One participant that participated in all challenges, and will be chosen by popular demand.  

Of course today we have a new prize for one lucky winner... today's Prize is all six previous Digis from days 1-7!  That's right 6 Halloween Teen Scene DIGIs and you all know what I am going to say next... these Teen Scene Halloween Digis have never been available in digi and never will be!  You don't want to miss this opportunity do ya?! 
For today's challenge I used Pumpkin Carvin' Alex from the Sweet Gothic Kids Halloween Collection.

I want to say a massive thank you to all of you that have taken the time to leave comments on my recent posts.  Lots of you have said how much you like my colouring on my 12 Days of Halloween Projects; so I thought i'd let you know how I've been creating these projects.

All of my 12 Days of Halloween Project have been created in Photoshop.  I created a moonlight background by filling my background with a main colour, then on a separate layer i used the customs shapes tool to draw a full moon. I then went back to my background layer and added some lighter patches to give the impression of moon light.

To create the atmosphere in my background I use a combination of 'Cloud' brushes that i downloaded (there are absolutely tons of free photoshop brushes out there, just google and you'll find them)  I add my Clouds onto a new layer, using either a lighter or darker colour than my background.  I then play around with the blending mode, and opacity levels for each layer until i get the effect i'm after.

My main image is coloured by using the bucket fill tool to add my main colour to each area of the image, I then use the dodge and burn tools at add my shading and highlights.

Finally I add my text onto another layer.

I hope that doesn't all sound too complicated, because it's really not; most of the time i'm just playing around with different brushes and layer effects, it's all trial and error.  I really want to encourage you to have a go, as it's can be great fun, and you can create some amazing effects.  You can then use the backgrounds you've created on digital pieces like today's, or print them out to use as background papers on your card.

If you use digital stamps and images that have been created by other people, please remember to link back to your source, and give credit to the artists out there. It is wrong to use other peoples work and claim it as your own, so don't do it!!

Thank you for visiting with me today
Bye for now



Sandy said…
Yes!! I thought - instructions for telling us how to create that background. Oh woe is me -- this must be a trick. I am so computer down loaded that I would be absolutely nutso trying to figure all this out. You smart lady!! Your Halloween cards are out of this world. Can I use that verse that you are using? It is so funny. Love your work - so creative!
So clever. Love your stuff. x