What's that coming over the hill...Is it a Monster?

No, It's a Zombie!  It's time to preview some more spooktacular new images from Simply Betty Stamps.  Today we are introducing you to three of the new Zombie Teens, all decked up in their Halloween Costumes of course.

Introducing Fairy Princess Rio..

Have you ever seen such a happy looking Zombie (one that's not gnawing on some poor victim) Isn't she pretty too, I'm sure she was the life and soul of the party before the Zombie Apocalypse.  Looks like she's out to have a fun night of Trick or Treating.

Here' Spider Queen London..
Oh dear, Spider Queen London's a Silly Ho ho ho, she's got all dressed up for the wrong holiday, guess she must have a little too much brain matter missing!!  She does look very festive tho, obviously a Zombies not just for Halloween!

and here's  Trick or Treatin' Miller...

Ooops, Looks like he didn't fancy hanging around here, and is off out Trick or Treatin' already, maybe you'll catch him over at the Simply Betty Stamps Blog, you better be quick tho, he's mighty speedy.

That's it from me for today, don't forget to pop back tomorrow, for some more Zombilious images.

Have a great day


Gina said…
Great cards, I love the SPider Queen card, that's too funny about her dressing up for the wrong holiday!
Alex said…
You are a HOOT! Love your post, love the creations. London dressed up for Christmas is fabulous. Looks like she is all ready for MY work party, lol!
Janine said…
i like the first one the most
love halloween
its a shame we didnt have it in holland
i always buy my stuff in america
so i have enough great halloween stuff
Steph said…
Great cards! Love the colors you chose for Rio and I think London makes a splendid Christmas zombie :)
Beth aka BR-T said…
Awesome freakishly fun cards!
Margie said…
What a riot! Great cards!
Sammibug said…
Hilarious! Your cards are both fabulous!