A Simply Betty Stamps Toot from the Crypt

Good Morning Simply Betty Stamps fans, today it's my turn to share a project with you, so i thought i would combine a little Toot with the from the Crypt feature.

Today i'm showcasing the Emo Betty Witch stamp...
Isn't she the most perfect image for your Halloween projects.  Today Betty Witch is having her portrait painted with watercolours; yes i've a little watercolour toot to show you how to make a stamped image look like a watercolour painting.

First of all you need some watercolour paper and a permanent ink, I used Stazon in stable brown to stamp Betty.  I then added a very rough wash of blue for the sky, and some green for the ground.

As you can see my background is very rough, just there to give an impression of colour and some movement.

Next i blocked in the main colours on Betty...

I used a slightly smaller brush for this stage, for Betty's skin I added a wash of pinky red, which was way to red, so using a tissue I removed most of the wet paint, with left a nice rosy colour behind.

Next I added in some mid tones to Betty and her outfit and hair...
I also added some darker green to the ground to give the impression of shadows, and to help plant the image.

I then changed to a smaller brush, and working with slightly thicker paint, started to add some shadows.  I left it to dry before adding my final shadows, and some colour to Betty's lips..
I also added a thin wash of red/purple to Betty's outfit and hat, just to blend it a little more, and warm it up.  I also added some dark red/purple/brown to the cat.

So that's the finished painting, but it still looks a bit rough, that's partly down to my painting style (which isn't the best) and to the fact that it needs a frame.

I used a Spellbinders frame die, and some Co-ordinations cardstock to create a frame.
That's it, a fun little watercolour portrait.  I hope you like it and have time to have some fun with your watercolours.

Bye for now


My Scrap Diary said…
This was an awesome tutprial Suzi!!! I must try it out. My wrist needs a break from the pencils.
SBS Sis :)