Ahoy! Pirates are coming!!

I don't know about all of you, but I looove all the Pirate movies... not just because of Johnny Depp, but they are just too fun!

Now I know that Tim Burton had nothing to do with Pirates, but his wing man Johnny is in it so Betty figured that was Burton-esque enough to have a Pirate Stamping Release over at The Burtonesque Dolls SO... that is what today's post is all about... welcome to our Pirates Sneak Peeks! We will be having five days of previews, the sixth being a preview/release for these fun Pirate images!

So let's begin with:
Bonnie! She is keeping a eye out for treasure... or maybe her long lost love, what ever she's searching for she sure is stylin' isn't she? These cuties will be available in Clear Stamp form!


Scrappychick said…
Argh! She's smashing!! Looking forward to a bit more Johnny myself :)
Betty Boo! said…
Adorable Suzi! Love that brick background! Thanks for all you do woman!

Jenn Borjeson said…
LOL Very cute! I totally love Johnny Depp and can't wait for the new movie! :)
TRACEY O said…
Love it. Great background.