Stamp Out Stamp Thieves!!!

Many of you may know there has been some problems with people copying others images and selling them as their own designs; one of the victims of this was Maurie J. Manning (a.k.a MO) of Mo's Digital Pencil , Mo managed to track down the thief but she also noticed that their were several other stamp companies that were also being hijacked.

Mo has created a site and begun a campaign to STAMP OUT STAMP THIEVES....ART THIEVES!!

Please visit this site to see what you can do to help Stamp Out Stamp Thieves, it's important we all do our best to help, otherwise the digital stamp may not be around for much longer!!!

Thanks for your time


Mary J said…
Hi Suzi! Will go take a look at this - it's awful that people are happy to steal other's ideas!!

Thx also for your views on the die cutting machines - my friend will find it very valuable!