All I Want for Christmas.... Jacob!  Well actually he's far too young for me, but it doesn't hurt to look, tehe!!  Kathy at Pixie Dust Studio has just released this wonderful collection of Eclipse inspired image to coincide with the release of Eclipse on DVD.
They are available in Store now, and What wonderful images they are for your Eclipse inspired Christmas Cards; Your hardest decision will be who to send Edward and Jacob to, I'm sure you've lots of friends that would be very happy to find either of them in their stockings on Christmas morning.

Hope your all having a great weekend


Love the card!!! and OMG !!! I'm off to buy the set:)
Lelia Pierce said…
TEEHEE!!! This is uber cute, Suzi! I am more of a vampire type gal, but I'd rather have Jacob under my tree than Edward! :O)

PepPop said…
Mmm nice card but I'm more of an Edward fan - but give me Johnny Depp any day :) Jaqui x