Anya meets Macabre Monday Music Mayhem!!!

Ok, so this is a little different for me, but boy did i have fun making this card for this weeks Macabre Monday Challenge over at Haunted Design House.  This weeks challenge is 'Music Mayhem' and you have to make a card or project with a gothic creepy feel based on a song.

As soon as I saw this challenge one of my favourite songs sprang into my head, and I got the idea to make a not so cute card with Dress Up Anya.  I used the Rose stamp from the Pretty Hat set by The Greeting Farm

Have you guessed What the song is?  Well here are the lyrics to put you out of your misery, tehe!

Where the Wild Roses Grow – Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue

They call me The Wild Rose
But my name was Elisa Day
Why they call me it I do not know
For my name was Elisa Day

From the first day I saw her I knew she was the one
As she stared in my eyes and smiled
For her lips were the colour of the roses
They grew down the river, all bloody and wild

When he knocked on my door and entered the room
My trembling subsided in his sure embrace
He would be my first man, and with a careful hand
He wiped the tears that ran down my face


On the second day I brought her a flower
She was more beautiful than any woman I'd seen
I said, 'Do you know where the wild roses grow
So sweet and scarlet and free?'

On the second day he came with a single rose
Said: 'Will you give me your loss and your sorrow?'
I nodded my head, as I layed on the bed
He said, 'If I show you the roses will you follow?'


On the third day he took me to the river
He showed me the roses and we kissed
And the last thing I heard was a muttered word
As he stood smiling above me with a rock in his fist

On the last day I took her where the wild roses grow
And she lay on the bank, the wind light as a thief
As I kissed her goodbye, I said, 'All beauty must die'
And lent down and planted a rose between her teeth


I hope i've not scared you too much, and that you'll come back tomorrow to see this weeks Groovy creation.
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Barb said…
Your card reflects that song PERFECTLY, Suzi! Such a sweet & sorrowful image & melody... thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!
Nicole said…
I love it!!!!
JenRaff said…
I have never heard that song -- yes, it's twisted but I love your card and it's perfect for that song!
DonnaMundinger said…
I've never heard it either but it's perfect for the challenge. Love how you've taken a cutesy image and creeped it up! xxD
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love your demented mind!!! LOL! You turned that sweet little Anya into a bloody mess! AWESOME!
Alison said…
This is awesome! What great lyrics and a great card! I love that you made something so creepy!
Anonymous said…
When I read the Macabre Monday challenge I also first thought of using Where the Wild Roses Grow, but then more songs came into my mind and I used a different one.
Some years ago, this song went on a heavy rotation trip in my CD-Player for several days. I usually do not play songs more then twice or thrice in a row.
Your card is beautiful, I like how you dressed up Anja and made a little cute dead girl out of her.
Renée said…
I love how she is standing in front of a gravestone. Wonderful card.
Horners Corner said…
Hate the song but i love what you have done for it!!
Linda aka Oz said…
what does it say about me that I gain such pleasure that you did this to an anya stamp....
bahwhahahhahahahahh Oz
Renée said…
Congrats for winning the Gruesome Twosome for this fab card!