Promarker Tutorial: 3 Colour Vintage

Today i found this wonderful tutorial on Randi's blog showing how to colour your image in a vintage style with just 3 colours; It's a great tutorial, but the only problem i had with it, is that Randi uses Copic's and i don't have any of them.  So using Randi's tutorial as my starting point i decided to create the following tutorial, going for a similar vintage feel but using Promarkers instead.

 The 3 colours i chose were Satin, Almond, and Dusky Pink.

Following Randi's tutorial, i used my palest colour, in this case Satin, and outlined the whole of my image.

I then took my 2nd colour, Almond, and added some midtones to the image.

I then took my 3rd colour, Dusky Pink and added the darkest tones to my image.

I then worked into my image more with all 3 colours, trying to create a more blended effect.

To finish my image i took my blender, and blended my palest colour and the white areas, to try and get rid of any obvious lines; i also added more of my darkest colour in places to give me the depth i wanted.  You could if you wanted continue adding colouring and blending to get even more depth into your image, but i decided i quite liked the effect i'd achieved here.

All i need to do now, is make a card to use this gorgeous 'Glamour' Cheeky Cherry on.  Please make sure you visit Randi's blog, as i would not have attempted this tutorial without having gained inspiration from her awesome work and wonderful tutorial.

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~Rach said…
Great take on Randi's tutorial, and probably very helpful info for your Promarker readers!
Randi said…
Fabulous work Suzi!! I am so glad you recreated it with the Promarkers!! Love that!! And, it looks so good in those colors you used! I am thrilled that you posted this!! And, thanks for the link! Much appreciated!
Thanks Suzi for making an alternative for promarkers based on Randis blog. I read her blog and how she crated the vintage really took my eye but like you I have no Copic markers so I was thrilled to see your blog and what you had created. Thanks both to Randi and yourself for 2 awesome blogs,