Guess My Signature Style - The Big Reveal :)

 So it's finally time for the Big Reveal!  Did you guess which signature style was mine?  Yes? No? I know alot of your did, so congratulations to those clever crafters who spotted my style.

Well to put you out of your misery here is the full picture of my signature card, i think this card sums me up rather well, pink, shiny, and multipurposed tehe!!

My signature clothes:  black trousers with funky top and black cardigan in winter

My signature shoes:
black loafas

My signature accessories of choice:  my cell phone

My signature addiction:
peanut puffs and chocolate :)

My signature stamping style: I can't live without my nesties, coloured pens and pencils, and ribbon

Oh i guess you'd like to know who it was that took over my blog this morning?  That was the wonderful Pam Varnell, congratulation to those clever crafters that guessed her style; hop on over to her blog to see the full picture of her card.  Was a really tricky challenge, hope you all enjoyed it as much as me.


Rachel said…
I did guess yours!!!!! It's just BEAUTIFUL!!! The sparkly snowflakes are just gorgeous.
donna mikasa said…
LOVE your calendar! So frosty and cool!
Amy said…
Cute, cute, cute! I love the glittery snow!
This is just too adorable! LOVE the sparkle and snow! And the pink is darling!
Kelly Booth said…
This card is so SWEET...Just Love the Pink!!! Wonderful......
Dina said…
This is too cute, I LOVE all the sparkle and the fact that its a calendar! Fantastic!!
WickedPixie said…
This is adorable! Love her pink hair and all of the sparkle!! :-)Traci