The Future

I close my eyes;
I see your face, a picture of us in a happy place.
Is this the Past?
Times to Come?
Or is our happiness undone?

What does the future hold?
Will we live to see each other grow old?
Or is the path of our two lives, destined to separate and divide?

So many questions not yet answered
So many things not yet done
So many dream not yet imagined
So many days are still to come.

Today i create with words! I'm not much of a poet, but occasionally i hear a poem in my head and feel the need to write it down. I think this poem expresses quite well the thoughts and feelings of the last few days; nothing major has happened, i just continue my search for answers to questions which fill my head. The future is such a mysterious thing, none of us know how long we have in this world, for some it may be minutes for other years, but noone ever knows. I hope that when i die to find answers to some of lifes many questions, until then i will continue to ask questions of the world, to learn from people and my surroundings, and to appreicate how wonderful and precious every minute of every day is.


that is so beautiful Suzi and meaningful, I would think it echoes so many of others thoughts and feelings, thank you for sharing