Good Morning Ladies

Hope your all well? I'm not, had a very bad night, short story is i have a bad tooth, big one at the back on the top left hand side, has been bothering me for a while now, and i've been putting off going to the dentist, cos i'm a coward. Well brushed teeth late last night and the tooth brush went into the open cavity and i think i must have hit the nerve,cos i've never felt such pain in my life, honestly thought i was gonna faint it was so bad; and boy did it throb after that. So finally called NHS 24 and i've got an emergency appointment at 12.15 today; so i'm hoping they can sort it out for me, cos i never want to feel pain like that again.

Stewart's been wonderful about it all, really looking after me last night and today; and he hasn't said "I told you to go to the dentist" much, only once or twice. He's right i should have listend to him, but i'm a stubborn old mare, and dentists aint my favourite people.

This will definately teach me.

So if i'm not around for a couple of days, you know why.

Hope you all have a better sunday than i'm gonna have.

Take Care all