Sunday, 30 March 2008

March 2008 Pick A Man Swap

I love drawing portraits, think i always have, so when i saw the Pick A Man swap on i had to join. Each participant picked a member of the male sex that they wanted ATCs of, some people went for their favourite actor others for that special man in their lives.

I enjoyed drawing these portraits, i love how it makes me concentrate, as i'm always searching for that likeness to the person, sometimes it works other times it does not. I'm happy with all of these ATCs, some of them i'm happier with than others, i think the pencil drawings have worked really well.

Zetti 4"x4" Chunky Pages

Zetti 4"x4" Chunky Pages
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After enjoying my first Chunky Page swap so much, i couldnt' wait to sign up for another, and this was it. The main theme was Zetti, which is one of my favourite themes, Zettiology is a style developed by Teresa and Teesha Moore, very surreal with lots of patterned elements, text and strange juxtopositions.

This was also a PAT (Pick-A-Theme) swap, so each participant got to specify what sort of Zetti they wanted, this included Angels, Chubby Girls, Arty, Gothic, Mermaids, Geisha along with traditional and 'Artist's Choice'.

Some of these pages were easier to work on than others, some themes spoke to me, others needed greater thought. All of these pages came straight out of my head onto the page, i didn't do any research for this project, i just went with whatever ideas sprang from my brain.

All of these pages are handdrawn and painted, with the Geisha page including collaged papers. I used a mix of media including Prismacolour Markers, Watercolours, H20 paints, Koh-I-Noor Pens, faux gems and glossy glaze. I used the H20 paints on all the pages, so they all have a wonderful shimmer with doesn't come across in the pictures.

I like all of these pages, but i have a few favorites which include Chubby Girl Zetti, Artist's Choice Zetti, Mermaid Zetti, and Sunshine Zetti. Each of these pages have elements in them which i like, and intend to use in further Zetti projects.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Winter Favourite Artist PAT ATCs

These ATCs were made for a swap on my favourite online trading site, They were some of the most challenging cards i've made, as each one was based on a work of art by another artist. Each with completely different styles, some of which were easier for me to emulate than others. I'm really pleased with how they all turned out, but my favourite is definately the Giger inspired card. I used carah a dache neocolour II crayons, prismacolour markers, oil pastels, and faber castell pitt pens when making theses cards.


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